The seven types of captive aquatic ecosystems
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Freshwater community (small)
This type of aquarium environment is dominated by schools (5 or more) of small (1.5” and smaller) South American tetras or Southeast Asian barbs. Larger, peaceful fish such as angelfish or gouramis as well as bottom dwellers such as corydoras catfish or clown loaches would round out the inhabitants. Decorations would consist of either live plants or high-quality, artificial plants mixed with driftwood and rock.

Freshwater community (large)
This environment consists of mixing larger, more aggressive fish together. Decorations would consist of high-quality, artificial plants together with driftwood and rock. Live plants do not work in this environment as these fish would uproot and destroy them.

African rift-lake cichlids
African cichlids are some of the most colorful freshwater fish in the world. They are very territorial and don’t co-exist well with fish from other regions. Rocky formations dominate these fish’s habitats. Live plants do not work in this environment as these fish would uproot and destroy them; however, high-quality, artificial plants can be used if desired.

Saltwater community (small)
This type of system can be decorated in many different ways and contain a wide variety of inhabitants. Live rock mixed with coral replicas or entire reef replicas are used to provide these systems' inhabitants with a realistic home where they can feel safe. Many different invertebrates -- such as starfish, urchins, crabs, shrimp and snails -- can live in harmony with these small, peaceful saltwater fish.

Saltwater community (large)
An environment not for the weak of heart! This aquarium would be inhabited by large, meat-eating, predatorial fish such as triggerfish, groupers, lionfish, wrasse and even eels. Other not so aggressive yet large fish (i.e., some types of saltwater angelfish and surgeonfish) can also coexist with these brutes.

Saltwater reef
This is the pinnacle of aquarium-keeping in most people's minds, an environment dominated by multicolored corals, anemones and polyps that require bright lights to grow and thrive. A wide variety of invertebrates such as starfish, urchins, crabs, shrimp and snails add interest to the community, while small, peaceful saltwater fish dart in and out of the reef structure.

Rain forest aquariums
These very unique aquatic systems offered by Captive Aquatic Ecosystems, LLC. feature sculptural driftwood branches and Bromeliad plants arranged realistically in a shallow, freshwater aquarium. This design system truly brings a touch of the Amazon into your indoor space. Click HERE to see examples.


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